Beverley A. Martel

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For families in turmoil

Though an experienced litigator, I believe there are better ways to resolve legal disputes than going to court, especially when a disagreement involves family members. Why leave important decisions concerning the future of your family in the hands of a total stranger—the judge.

By selecting mediation as a means of resolving a family issue, you have control of the outcome and more flexibility in crafting an agreement that meets your specific needs.


Mediation is not just for family disputes

Mediation provides a mechanism to resolve commercial disputes without suing the other party. Why risk losing a claim after a potentially lengthy and expensive court action when you have the opportunity to settle matters in a cheaper, faster and less stressful fashion? It is never too late to choose mediation, even if a trial date has been set.


Why am I qualified to help you?

I have a B.A., an LL.B. and a Master of Laws in Alternate Dispute Resolution. I trained in Negotiation at Harvard Law School and in Mediation at Osgoode Hall Law School.


I was a member of the Peel Collaborative Family Law Group from 2005 to 2016.


I am a past president of the Etobicoke Conflict Mediation Team where I served as a community mediator.


I was a Dispute Resolution Officer in Brampton until my appointment as Administrative Deputy Judge for Brampton Small Claims Court in 2012.

Most importantly, I am committed to working with parties, with or without their lawyers, until we reach a mutually acceptable agreement.


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