Child & Spousal Support Mediation

The spouse who does not have custody of the child/ren pays child support. There “Table Amounts” for child support in Ontario, based on your annual income.

Our trained mediators, who are lawyers by profession, will help both spouses/partners come to an amicable agreement on child support. Receiving child support regularly and on time is a big worry for parents receiving child support. 


We have helped hundreds of separating couples with reaching agreement—we can help you, too.

We can also help you with spousal support. Mediators can help you reach an agreement on spousal support, after first having established that you are entitled to support. In Canada, there are not set amounts of support, there are Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines


Generally, the spouse who stayed home to raise children and who has been out of the workforce receives support. Generally, in marriages of long duration, there will be a spousal support claim. 

To reach agreement on child support and spousal support faster and cheaper than going to court, mediation is the better alternative. Contact one of our mediators today.


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