Child Custody & Access Mediation

Custody means which parent will have the right to make critical decisions about a child. Typically, the parent with custody makes decisions about the child’s medical treatment, education, and religion. There are four different types of custody: sole custody, joint custody, shared custody, and split custody.

Access means the right to spend time with the child/ren. One parent is granted access while the other parent has custody.


Using mediation to reach agreement on child custody and access makes a lot of sense. Experienced mediators can put options on the table that you may not have considered, options that are currently working well for other parents.


The over-arching legal principle in Canadian family law is: The best interest of the child. And we focus on this, too. Trained mediators will help you with a child custody and access agreement that works for both of you.

Mediation can help you reach a better custody and access agreement for the benefit of your children, much faster than the court-based process. Call or email a mediator today. 


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