Marc Tannenbaum

Phone: 905-276-0417 (direct)
Switchboard:  905-276-9111



Office: Suite 1600, ​Four Robert Speck Parkway, Mississauga, Ontario L4Z 1S1

Marc Tannenbaum heads the family law practice at Keyser Mason Ball LLP in Mississauga and has over 30 years experience in litigating, negotiating and mediating all aspects of family law disputes. 


Marc received his formal mediation training and accreditation at the prestigious Harvard School of Law.


With his combination of mediation and litigation experience, Marc has a full appreciation of the benefits of mediating disputes as an alternative to the high costs, unpredictability and acrimony inherent in using the court-based separation process.


Marc offers a full range of mediation services including disputes relating to:


  • Division and Equalization of Property, including business interests

  • Child Custody and Child Access

  • Child and Spousal Support

  • Negotiation of Separation Agreements

  • Cohabitation Agreements and Marriage Contracts

  • Common-Law Relationships

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